Poschinger Art Glass


This page provides basic information about Art Glass made by the Freiherr von Poschinger Glasmanufaktur of Frauenau, Germany. This company has been in business since 1568 and has been continuously owned and operated by the family of the Baron von Poschinger. Their glass was produced at several locations within Bavaria, the most notable being Buchenau and Frauenau.

Most of the commonly seen art glass made by von Poschinger dates from the 1880 to 1915 jugendstil period. It is typicalized by elegantly styled vases and bowls which have a deep purple to almost black irridescence, and have elegant enamelling. Two examples of these are the floral vases below which were decorated by Betty Heldrich:

Poschinger Floral Vase Poschinger Floral Vase

Other types of items manufactured during the Jugendstil period are bowls and vases with "Pulled Feather" decor typicalized by the bowl to the left which is the design of Karl Schmoll von Eisenwerth:
Poschinger "Pulled Feather" Vase

Other types of later production have threading and "hanging heart" decor. An example of these is shown to the right.
Poschinger "Hanging Heart" Vase

Very few of the poschinger vases were signed "Poschinger" with the exception of some items made at Buchenau. Quite a few items do have inscriptions within the ground pontil, but the meaning of them is currently unknown according to Baron Benedikt von Poschinger. They consist of numbers and combinations of letters and numbers, per the picture.
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