Antique Art Glass

This page provides basic information about Art Glass by Boston & Sandwich, Daum Nancy, Dugan, Durand, Egermann, Gallé, Harrach, Hawkes, Hobbs Brockunier & Co., Imperial Glass Co., Indiana Tumbler & Goblet (Greentown), Kralik, Lalique, Lobmeyer, Loetz, Moser, Mt. Washington, Murano, New England Glass, Northwood, Pallme-Koenig, Poschinger, Quezal, Riedel, Rindskopf, Stevens & Williams, Steuben, Tiffany, Tuthill, and Webb.

Art Glass can be defined as any ornamental glassware, whether utilitarian or not, which incorporates specialized shapes, surface treatments, glass chemistries, cutting or engraving, casing or shading, enamelling, or other decorative processes which are applied to a normally unique item.

Art glass is typically hand blown and may, or may not, utilize a mold for shaping.

The large scale production of Art Glass started in Europe about 1850, and about 1870 in the United States. There were 4 main areas in Europe that produced this glass: Bohemia, France, Great Britain and Italy. In Europe there were several companies that produced a large portion of their sales destined for export, and some of these companies are still in business today. Some of these larger and better known companies, listed by area, are:

Bohemia - Egermann, Harrach, Kralik, Lobmeyer, Loetz, Moser, Pallme-Koenig, Poschinger, Riedel and Rindskopf.

Poschinger Vase Loetz Metallin Vase Kralik Bud Vase Riedel Vase

France - Daum Nancy, Gallé, and Lalique.

Daum Nancy Vase Gallé Vase Gallé Vase Lalique Bowl

Great Britain - Thomas Webb, Stevens and Williams, and other companies in the Stourbridge area.

Stevens & Williams Webb Cameo (Woodall) Stevens & Williams

Italy - Various glass factories in the Venice area including those on the Island of Murano.

Murano Cup & Saucer Murano Vase Murano Lattacino Vase

In the United States most of the production was in the northeastern corridor, centered around Boston, Massachusetts, New York City and vicinity, and Corning, New York. A lesser production came from the Ohio River Valley. Some of the companies that produced this glass, listed by area, are:

Boston - Mt. Washington Glass Co., Boston & Sandwich, and New England Glass Co.

Mt. Washington
Burmese Pitcher
New England Glass
Plated Amberina

New York City - Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co., Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Co., and Victor Durand

Tiffany Favrille Vase Quezal Lamp Shades

Corning - Hawkes, Steuben Glass Works, and Tuthill.

Hawkes Bowl Steuben Calcite Vase Steuben Aurene Sherbet Tuthill Compote

Ohio River Valley - Dugan, Hobbs Brockunier & Co., Imperial Glass Co., Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co. (Greentown.), and Northwood.

Dugan Pompeian Hobbs Morgan Vase Greentown Holly Amber Butter Northwood Royal Ivy Pitcher